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The K+P duo (co-founders of this magazine) has recently produced images with ALBUM PARIS. It was some kind of a ‘carte Blanche’ with minimal requests from the brand : shooting in black and white, and go ‘far’, no boundaries, limitations of any kind, with a twist of surrealistic touch.
Far we went, as we shot on the top of Reunion Island volcano ‘Piton de la fournaise’ alt. 2300m , on an amazing desert like environment, and UNESCO world heritage site. Pictures from this session are now part of a portfolio available on Instagram, and also as a postcard portfolio and posters.

Even if we are familiar with their perfectly crafted edgy brand image on social media, we wanted to deepen our knowledge of their practice, values and projects : questions and answers.

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kplusp x album paris 7 | SPOON Magazine
ALBUM PARIS | q and a | SPOON Magazine

spoon magazine : jean olivier, wynn, first can you tell us how all of this started, how did get to know each other, and how at a certain time, it clicked enough in between you two, to give birth to a new brand ?

jean olivier, wynn : (jo) i started the first product, the oversized down jacket when i was working as a creative director for large brands. after a career of 20 years working at different clothing companies varying from luxury to more mass market clothing like vuitton, chevignon, guess and ikks, i was tired of making creative compromises. therefore i decided to launch my own brand. (w) when jo asked me to help in the communications i immediately said yes, i knew that the clothes would be what i would want to wear and that there would be no creative limitations, quite the opposite, jo would challenge me to be rule breaking. (w) jo and i know each other by a few degrees of sep-aration between common friends, ex-wives and ex-girlfriends.

sm : obviously you are dedicated to give album paris a very controlled and creative graphical and visual environment, it’s almost a media as well as fashion brand, graphic design on the clothes, every tiny little details are branded and designed with precision and care when sometimes, even big brands are, taking care of it for sure, but you can feel this is not a top priority concern, when on album paris it’s seems to be that you are making a point at it, and that is an important part of your manifesto?

jo/w : (w) from the beginning album was a culture brand, we wanted to develop a culture of creativity that was not only from the clothing but the communications, marketing and environment. steve jobs famously asked the engineers to make the inside of the apple macintosh beautiful. that is our viewpoint also, everything involving the brand needs to be considered and have a visual standard. for me the typography is as important as the clothing. (jo) we like to think of album as a sort of modern day andy warhol factory. clothing is one component, we also collaborate and develop music with some of our models. architecture is a large interest of ours and we are already planning the landscape of future boutiques. photography is also key, the name album was chosen because of that reference. i have always loved working with talented photographers and between wynn and myself we used our network photographer friends to help introduce our visual partnerships and therefore our clothing to the world. all these creative multi media and genre collaborations nurture each other and make the overall brand superior.

sm : all your visuals and graphics are black and white : what’s wrong with color 🙂 ?

jo/w : (w) i love color but for the album project i wanted to project a simplicity and directness that only black and white can deliver. working in harmony with the clothing there are only semi occasional shocks of color.

sm : How do you see album paris evolving in a near future, what are for you the lines, capsules, accessories, whatever you haven’t done yet and you would absolutely want to do, on the top of what is already available ?

jo/w : (jo) we have just launched album paris intro, which brings the album aesthetic and feeling to a younger audience at a more affordable price point. this will help make album signature line more of a laboratory for experimentation. (w) as we mentioned before, a boutique and its feel and look are a priority. we have already designed and released a bag, and more accessories are in the pipeline. we would also love to do a sneaker collaboration, we have a lot of ideas concerning this. (jo) also, in the future we want to design an album branded hotel in the countryside. it would reflect our aesthetic and also provide a place for photographers to come to shoot either outside in nature or in a custom designed photo studio.

sm : your brand’s fabrics are upcycled fabrics, can you elaborate, and what is the idea/values behind this, what made you choose this option at the first place?

jo/w : (jo) clothing fabrication is an unavoidably polluting process. that said, we only work with factories with the highest sustainablility procedures and ratings. there is a lot of wasted fabric in the fashion business, so first we check what upcycled fabric choices are available. only if there is nothing coherent for our collection do we consider ordering new fabric stocks.

sm : what would you want to say, share that nobody knows yet about album paris, some up coming projects, anything…?

jo/w : (w) more collaborations with photographers and creative people that we respect (like spoon). we are producing music with maurane, one of our models. we will release a track which works concurrently in the fashion and music world. we will attend pitti uomo for the second time this summer. we had an amazing response in january and we are excited to participate at the summer pitti uomo. (jo) the french menswear federation is sponsoring album so we can attend more trade shows internationally. we were picked out of fifty brands who applied. our plan is to attend trade shows in japan and south korea, all our feedback from the asian markets has been very enthusiastic.

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image : K+P models : Janelle, Gabriel

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